Nazis invade in IRON SKY

Iron Sky

I know you never thought I’d be back, but here I am and I come in peace! No, this isn’t some sort of apology, it’s actually an attempt to liken my absence to that of the Nazis in Iron Sky. Ok a bit of a stretch, so let’s move on.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Iron Sky is a Finnish/German/Australian collaborative production. It was crowd-funded and heavily supported by social media. For years, they ran a strong campaign to get funding and investment, as well as get community participation in the actual production.

That’s all good and well, but what about the movie itself? Well, when I first heard about it (I can’t even recall how long ago that was), I remember thinking, “Nazis in space? How could that be anything less than awesome?” You could obviously tell from the teaser art and footage that this was going to be a highly camp, over-the-top film.

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Watch The Expendables or risk losing your manhood

For those who don’t know it, The Expendables is Sylvester Stallone’s all-star action movie. It’s guaranteed to be a great nostalgic revisiting of a genre of film that has fallen into disrepair. This fan has a challenge to the men of the world:

I’m with him. This is movie you shouldn’t be seeing on your computer screen, or even burned to DVD and watched on your 46 inch plasma. Buy a fucking movie ticket and see it the way action movies should be seen: in a theatre on a huge silver screen, with a sound system you could never hope to own.



Chris Nolan’s masterpiece Inception is much more than just your regular summer blockbuster, full of gunfights (there are plenty), explosions (there are a few), and ground breaking special effects (they abound) – it’s a thought-provoking investigation into the nature of dreams and the subconscious.

The film’s premise is that with the right skills and equipment, people can share each other’s dreams, building dreamscapes and populating them with their subconscious. While this can be put to a variety of uses, the more common one is “extraction” – a form of espionage where the subject’s subconscious is encouraged to put secret knowledge into a secure place like a safe or vault. The extracting team can then break in and steal that knowledge.

Cobb (Leonardo DiCapprio) leads a team of professional dreamthieves on a mission to do the reverse: to plant a thought that will change the subject’s behaviour in a specific way. This is a much harder task as it must be done in such a way that the subject believes it is their own idea, and not something foreign which can be rejected.

Of course, the difficulty is compounded because Cobb brings personal problems to the job. These problems can’t be avoided and will have a very profound effect on Cobb and everybody else in the dreamscape around him.

This is your spoiler warning: I intend to discuss some specifics beyond the jump.

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