BSG: Return of the King

I know I’ve been slack and not kept up with the last stretch of episodes. Of the three between “No Exit” and “Daybreak”, I really liked “Someone to Watch Over Me” and was underwhelmed by “Islanded in the Stream of Stars”. I’ll probably go re-watch the former and hopefully review it, while glossing over the others.

But seeing as it was the finale, I don’t think I can delay writing something about “Daybreak”. Possible spoilers after the jump. Continue reading

Skinjobs in BSG 1980?

Just quickly before I head to bed. Somewhere out in the blogosphere, I stumbled upon this little nugget: BSG 1980 had Cylons that looked like humans!

Furthermore, it sounds like the explanation for such anthropomorphism is brought across from old to new:

Dr. Zee gets a lengthy scene to explain how this came about. His explanation seems a bit long and ponderous until you realize he’s just spent 4 minutes explaining what the new series has taken 4 whole seasons to get around to. Huh.

I might have to watch these episodes. I should have realised that all that nonsense about it all “has happened before and will happened again” was more than just spiritual nonsense from inside the setting. It’s breaking the fourth wall.