Upgrades ahoy

Sometime today, I plan to upgrade to WordPress 3.0… and also will probably be moving database servers. Expect glitchy behaviour until further notice.

Edit: Upgrade to WordPress 3.0 complete. I’ll poke around for a bit, but won’t do anything big until the database migration. That is scheduled to begin midnight PST (er… 5pm Sydney), and my host advises that it may take several hours.

Edit 2: Don’t even ask what happened to the theme over the last 30 minutes. After upgrading to 3.0, I was informed that there were updates to the Motion theme, so I unthinkingly pushed that out without realising that my widget settings would be lost. There was a detour. We are now back to a semblance of control.

Edit 3: Database migration is done, and everything checks out. Judging by the confirmation e-mail, it only took 6 minutes, which is pretty awesome. Let me know if something looks pear shaped, but in the meantime, I’m declaring this a success.

Site update

I’m in the midst of doing some updates to the WordPress installation at the moment. Don’t worry, it’s just the usual early-life stuff for any site installation: I’m hunting for a nice theme (will probably end up either making my own or heavily modifying an “open-source” one from the net), installing some more anti-spam stuff, and laying the groundwork for future growth (because all new blogs grow up to become huge hubs of community activity, right… )

Edit: I’ve just upgraded to 2.6.1 using the SVN method. That was an experience. Definitely easier than the manual zip and download, and also the procedure was easier than I anticipated. Of course, prior to upgrade, WordPress was telling me that I needed to go to 2.6. Once I did that, it told me I needed to go to 2.6.1. I know that I could have gone straight to 2.6.1 if I had been told about it :rolleyes: