Mass Effect 2

Ok, I’m only writing this because I’m not playing. And the reason I’m not playing is that I’m at work on a Sunday. There’s a bunch of other posts I need to get out quickly too. Hopefully, I won’t lose momentum, and you’ll see those soon.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 picks up several years after the first game. Commander Shepard has joined the shadowy Cerberus network to continue his fight against the Reapers, a race of sentient machines that raise galactic civilisation only to destroy it. Continue reading

Dragon Age: Origins

My silence lately is actually because I’m absorbed in Dragon Age: Origins. I haven’t quite finished my first playthrough, but I’m getting pretty close so I figured I might as well put some thoughts out there.

Naturally, when Bioware makes an RPG, expectations run pretty high. With Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, and Mass Effect in their pedigree, it’s hard not to get excited about their latest title. Even adjusting for that, though, I do wonder if it’s living up to the hype. Continue reading

Hot and blue!

Even though he’s very late in taking the piss of Mass Effect, Shamus Young has some interesting points regarding the Asari in general, and the consort in particular.

Personally I’m slightly disturbed by xenoeroticism, but Bioware obviously thought there was a market for that sort of thing. Can anybody tell me they weren’t at least somewhat put off by the whole notion of sticking it inside the blue thing with tentacles on her head?

Oh yeah, Lucas did it first with the Twi’lek.