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Fable 2 bonuses

I just discovered that you can get downloadable content for Fable 2 by playing through a A Hero’s Tale, a little flash game on the official website. Guide a hero as he seeks vengeance for the slaying of his family. As you make choices, you will become eligible for some items, which will be delivered to your Xbox Live account.

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Fable 2 and consequences

Despite my earlier skepticism, I encouraged P to pick up Fable 2, as it’s probably the only Western RPG passing near the Xbox 360 any time soon. Even though I had just gotten around to getting a second-hand copy of Assassin’s Creed (more on that later), I sat through the intro and some exploration of the earlier parts of the game.

It looks wildly huge. Yes, it’s more constrained than Oblivion in some ways, but the character interactions are much richer, which is in some ways the Holy Grail of role-playing games (at least in my mind). Character interaction is measured on a number of different dimensions which interact to cause different reactions from NPCs.

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Fable 2 expectations

Generally, I don’t follow speculation about new games until they’re ready to drop, but E3 is on and Gamespot’s article on Fable 2 hilights some interesting mechanics which could make it quite fun.

After Shamus Young’s panning of the first game, I have to say I’m a bit wary of any big claims that Molyneux wants to make regarding a sequel, but I’m liking some of the stuff I see there. None of them are necessarily huge improvements on Oblivion, but if the world is as open and free as it sounds, then I’ll probably pick it up.

I’m looking forward to a world where I get the choice of silencing the bard who sings of the ignominious goins on during my last adventure. And apparently consequences for unprotected sex. We’ll see if that gets past a ratings board.

nobody has previously mentioned that I should give the original a try, and I might do that. After all, even independent writers have to be controversial to keep their audience coming back.

Maybe after I’m done with DBZ: Burst Limit.