iPhone finally comes to 3

If you had asked me which Australian carrier totally missed the iPhone bandwagon, it was Hutchinson’s 3 brand. They were one of the earlier players in high-speed mobile data, and I would have thought that the iPhone was right up their alley as the killer app to push mobile broadband into the consumer space.

So imagine my disappointment as a loyal 3 subscriber when the iPhone 3G originally hit Australian shores and only with the big players. I’ve been impressed with my Nokia 6110 Navigator, but my time with a 2nd-gen iPod touch has impressed me sufficiently to make me want to move into the big leagues.

And finally it’s time. Today, 3 has announced that they will be selling the iPhone 3G S. I’m due for contract renewal, so this will save me from churning away, and allow me to keep my on-net minutes. Hopefully the plans will be competitive.


A different kind of resolution

Yesterday, I had an epiphany. Having returned to work after a very comfortable holiday at the beach, I decided I would take advantage of living in one of the best summer cities in the world and eat my lunch outside. The sky was blue, the sun was warm, and I browsed the net effortlessly on my iPod while I ate my satay sticks. And I realised: just because I’m outside, doesn’t mean I have to ditch my favourite toys.

For most of my life, I’ve been a technophile stuck indoors. That’s where computers and their users usually hang out. But the more I hang around the things, the more I realise that the really fun stuff happens outside. It’s like some of Intel’s original Centrino ads where the office worker spends the day  in the park. Fantastic stuff! I want to be that guy.

I have so many toys that let me move outside: the laptop, the iPod, the camera, the mobile. And there’s wireless and mobile internet pretty much ubiquitous in Sydney. So why aren’t I doing more with it all? It all just sits at home doing nothing when I’m not indoors.

So, along with all the usual self-improvement soul searching that happens in early January, I want to make this resolution: I will spend more time outside this year, and instead of using the “my toys are all for inside play” excuse, use them to enable me to go out.

Reviews Tech

Touchy Feely

Having to go several days without one’s primary PC makes one appreciate anything that can help replace the lost functionality. And so I spent a very intense couple of days with my new iPod Touch.

This second generation is very sexy. I’ve been interested in upgrading my Nano for a while, but couldn’t justify the iPhone to myself. As an all-in-one package for media play and portable web access, it really is a great device.