Site update

Recently, reader wystii pointed out that comments were not showing the gaps between paragraphs. I took a quick look through the CSS and found and tweaked the offending code. Hopefully that should sort things out. Thanks, wystii!

While I’m at it, over the next few weeks, I’ll be providing links to a new web video series. It’s about gaming, and a really great initiative. More details soon.

Commenting (part 2)

After a few people made some attempts to use the commenting system (thanks guys!), I’ve decided to keep the CAPTCHA. Overall, people don’t seem to have trouble with it, even if they have to reload it a couple times.

I have, however, relaxed the rules which queue comments for moderation. This was causing confusion for some people, and more time doing admin for me, as I had to approve the comments. Some comments will still be moderated if they look like spam, but that should be pretty rare.

Thanks to everybody who helped out.


A few posts back, lotusvine sent me an e-mail claiming she couldn’t get past my CAPTCHA (you know, that stupid thing where you type in some words to prove you’re not a spambot). Personally, I have no problems. I tested out the CAPTCHA software before I installed it and found it to be effective yet simple (and it’s used to improve OCR software, which is giving back to the community).

I know some of you actually do read these posts, so I’m curious to know how many of you have tried to comment but found it too difficult.

Normally, I turn off the LiveJournal comments on the crossposts because I don’t want to have to follow comment threads on two sites, but because there may be difficulties, I’m leaving them on this one time.