Moving on from Dragon Age

With MacquarieCon out of the way (more on that soon, I promise), I knuckled down and finished Dragon Age. I know there are a number of different endings, and there’s a particularly interesting one that I would like to take, but now that I’m done with my first play-through, I’m not sure that I can be assed doing it again straight away. I deliberately avoided a bunch of sidequests so there would be some surprises, but I know it won’t be enough to keep me interested. Continue reading

Taking games seriously is better for us all

A recent article in the Daily Telegraph shows us that in Australia (and presumably the rest of the world), most parents don’t understand how to control the video games their children play.

This really is not a good thing; as we have seen over the last twenty years, video games are depicting increasingly realistic violence and sexuality. I personally do not have an issue with this trend. As an open-minded adult, I have no problems with blood or boobs, but I do understand that parents want to control how much access their children have to this sort of thing… and to be honest, I think that I wouldn’t want my kids accessing some of that stuff until they reached a particular age. Continue reading

Dragon Age: Origins

My silence lately is actually because I’m absorbed in Dragon Age: Origins. I haven’t quite finished my first playthrough, but I’m getting pretty close so I figured I might as well put some thoughts out there.

Naturally, when Bioware makes an RPG, expectations run pretty high. With Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, Neverwinter Nights, and Mass Effect in their pedigree, it’s hard not to get excited about their latest title. Even adjusting for that, though, I do wonder if it’s living up to the hype. Continue reading

E3 announcements looking good this year

I know that people probably say that every year, but I’m excited. Between Monkey Island, MGS5, Dragon Age and others, I ‘m cautiously optimistic about what’s coming.

I can’t compete with the regular gaming sites, and I’m far too busy to even aggregate everything interesting into one place, so you’ll just have to go check out the usual suspects.

In the meantime, checkout these screens from The Beatles: Rock Band