Gencon Oz: Sunday

Sunday is the final day of the con. You can see the toll it’s taking on the attendees. Not those casual walk-ins of course. I’ve been pretty tired, but the scheduling system at Gencon managed to give me plenty of rest time. I’m talking about those hardcore people that started play at 8 am and played straight until 11 pm for four days straight, practically ignoring the need for a proper meal and not getting the chance to visit the traders’ hall. Continue reading

Gencon Oz: Saturday

Saturday was kind of my D&D day. We fronted up at 9am for Tracy Hickman’s Killer Breakfast, which has to be one of the best large-group RPG events ever. Tracy and Laura Hickman got the whole audience to get on stage, six at a time, to play first-level characters and survive as long as possible. The only real rules were be creative, funny and entertaining while collectively improvising with Tracy Hickman. Continue reading