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Accident Album
(16 June 2004)

Baby Album
(16 June 2004)


Not long ago, I decided to jump across the fence into the neighbour's back yard. I know they have noisy dogs, but they always sound like they want to be friends, even if they are big and scary. Anyway, one of the dogs wanted to fight. Luckily the neighbours heard it all and rescued me. I was taken to Epping Vet, and then Daddy came from work and we went to the Vet Specialist Centre in Ryde. Dr Darren X-rayed me and said I had to stay overnight. They put a body cast on me, and gave me medicine. The cast is hot pink, like my old collar. I didn't end up going home for four days! That was because I wasn't peeing or pooing on my own. As soon as I did, Dr Penny let me come home.

Behind bars! But I'm allowed out a lot.

This is my bodycast. Pretty in pink, but hard to move.

Not really liking the cage.

I sleep lots at the moment. That means I'm healing.

I'm still wearing the body-cast, and have to sleep in a cage. Philippa bought me a nice soft cat bed, and they cover me with towels to keep me warm. I'm eating lots now that I'm at home, and everything seems to be working okay. I'm going back to the hospital for a checkup soon, and Daddy will have to tell them that I don't have to have my medicine anymore because I don't want it and will bite anybody who tries to give it to me. In a few more weeks, I hope they will take the body cast off.