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(16 June 2004)

Baby Album
(16 June 2004)


I was such a beautiful baby :) At least, that's what Philippa and Daddy say. I came home as an early Christmas present for Daddy in 2003. I didn't take very long to settle in, and only caused trouble at bed-time.

See how little I used to be? Now I weigh 5kg!

I love this fruit bowl. It's nice and cosy.

More curling up. My pink collar is very pretty.

If I were a mythological creature, I'd be the Sphinx.

That's because I like to hunt when it's dark, and Daddy kept wriggling his toes under the sheets. It looked like mice, so I had to pounce on them. Eventually, Daddy got sick of that and locked me in the bathroom to sleep. It was summer, so I didn't get too cold. I used to cry when he did that, but it taught me not to pounce Daddy at night. Now we sleep together all the time.

This is the basket I was supposed to sleep in, but I didn't like it as much as Daddy's bed.

See? Beds make me soooo sleepy.

... and you can hide in the blankets, ready to pounce on Daddy's toes!

But, of course, any cat can sleep anywhere.

I love sleeping and smooching, but I'm also very independent. As soon as I was let outside, I used to disappear for hours. I'm not telling you where I went, because it's a secret!

Like any good cat, the first major exploration I made of my new home was the window sill..

Me and Daddy snuggling up together.